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Firstly, a Thank You…

Welcome to our World at Danu

For our first blog of Danu, it was only right we said our thank yous. At Danu, the power of collaboration, and strength of community is everything. Its our reasoning for existing, our vision, our whole purpose as a company. As we began our exciting new venture, we want to take a moment to step back, and express our thanks to the individuals who have played an instrumental role in bringing our business to life.

Diarmuid Kelly, of Kelly Oyster’s showing Roann the production process

Thank You…

To Kelly Oyster’s, a wonderful family who’ve built an empire in Galway Bay. Thank you for igniting my passion for oysters, and letting me into your world for a day. You’re a force of light for the Irish food industry & I feel very lucky to know you.

Mairtin Mac Con Iomaire, a man of boundless imagination, captivating storytelling and a vision for what the future of Irish food could be. Roann was lucky enough to complete his renowned MA in Gastronomy and Food Studies at TU Dublin.

Mairtin Walsh and Ruth Hegarty, thank you for advocating for young Irish chefs and giving us the platform for learning, change and connection as the Taste the Atlantic Ambassadors.

JP McMahon, Irish Michelin Starred Chef, writer and huge advocate for modern Irish Cuisine. Thank you for working with me on my dish, building the most incredible platform of learning & international connection through FOTE, and your constant support. You are a visionary.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Local Enterprise Office. The SYOB course was invaluable, the ongoing resource’s in grants, training, supports and top tier mentoring at such an accessible cost is just incredible.

Roann & Sean

Danu is all about the people. Thank you to those that helped create our shared vision of what Irish food can, (and will) be.


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